air tool compressor gun hoses fittings tyre duster drill retractor ratchet chisel scraper grinder

All of your compressed air needs under one roof, including everything from the powerpoint to the tool. Compressors from 10cfm to 100cfm, air fittings, retractors and air hoses. We stock a wide range of air tools from impact wrenchs to air ratchets, air drills to die grinders, spray guns to regulators, tyre inflators to air dusters, random orbital sanders to air angle grinders the list goes on.


spanners pliers hex keys hammer adjustable wrench screwdriver punches chisel torx keys scraper clamp

The basics of every good tool kit is made up of a broad selection of high quality hand tools. This usually includes spanners, sockets, pliers, hex keys, hammers, adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, tape measure and a hacksaw. You can start to add other things like oil filter tools, punches & chisels, torx keys, pry bars, scrapers & clamps. Of course there is no real limit to the amount of hand tools you can have except for the size of your tool box, which we can supply to you as well.


Specialty tools ie. brake adjusters,speed wrenches,sensor sockets,engine building,aligners & more

We have the largest range of Specialised Automotive Tools held in stock in Tasmania. Tools like, brake adjusters, flex head pry bars, C spanners, speed wrenches & gasket scrapers. Battery load testers, clutch aligners, carby jet drills & thread chasers. Oil filter tools, gear pullers, engine building tools & bore guages. Circlip pliers, hook & picks, sensor sockets & hundreds more  products that our competitors will often tell you, are not available.


fllor jack engine stand crane creeper board

Need a quality Floor Jack? Or maybe a hoist, engine stand, engine crane or creeper board. Mobile Workshop Supplies have a 15m x 15m wharehouse dedicated to workshop Equipment. This is an area we will not sell cheap sub-standard products. We have entry Trade level equipment, to top of the range heavy industrial. (All products meet Australian Standards for workshop use)


sockets impact chrome short deep spline drive metric imperial sets E-Torx spark plug mag axle

 Have you ever been stuck on the job because you didn't have the correct size socket? Here at Mobile Workshop Supplies we stock sockets from 4mm to 95mm & equivalant Imperial sizes. Inhex & Torx Sockets, Impact Sockets & Chrome Sockets in both Short and Deep - 6 & 12 point configuration, 1/4" drive, 3/8" drive, 1/2" drive, 3/4" drive & 1" drive in stock. 1-1/2" drive or spline drive sockets on request.


engine locking tools timing bars cam locking

In todays modern engines things like timing marks are not stamped to engine cases. Engine Locking Tools, Timing Bars and Cam Locking tools are a must for anyone attempting repairs on a modern engine. Specialised Automotive timing tools not only make your job quicker & easier but also stop costly mistakes caused by a miss timed engine.


panel beating tools,dollies,spoons,locking grips,panel clamps,nib files,spray gun,hammers,stands

Whether you are repairing a minor dent or you are a fully qualified panel beater spray painter, we have all your needs in stock. Spray Guns, Panel Beating Hammers, Dollies & Spoons. All styles of Panel Clamps & Locking Grips, Trim Clip Removers & Windscreen Service Tools. Car Lock Out Kits, Suction Cups, Slitting Chisels & Seam Buster Chisels. Nib Files, Panel Stands, Bog Applicators, Air Bag Wedges & more. If it is not in stock, we will get it in for you

Test Gauges & Measuring

diesel and petrol compression testers,efi,multimeter,calipers,dial gauges,noid lights,power probes

Diesel Compression Testing, Glow Plug & Injector Adaptors, EFI Test Kits, Petrol Compression Testers & Cylinder leak down testing are just a few of the necessary tools required to diagnose a range of problems in modern vechicles. Multimeters, Power Probes, Noid Lights & Circut Testers are a must for the electrical side. Then Vernier Calipers, DIal Guages & Micrometers when you need that bit of extra performance.

Sheet Metal Forming

sheet metal forming porta powers english wheel bead roller shrinker stretcher folders plenishers

All your Sheet Metal Forming Equipment needs including - English Wheels, Bead Rollers, Shrinker Stretchers, Folders, Plenishers, Sand Blasters, Sand Bags and Porta Powers and the list goes on.

Safety Equipment

safety equipment,ppe,gloves,safety glasses,harnesses

In todays workplace it is vital to have all the correct safety equipment and PPE to avoid personal injury and down time. A full range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available in store and more specialised items can be ordered in. Specs, Gloves & Hearing protection to Harnesses, personal lifting & bio suits.

Welding Equipment

welders,mig,tig,arc ac/dc

We stock a full range of MIG, TIG and ARC and AC/DC Welders

Welding Accessories

welding accessories,helmets,gloves,jackets,mig tips,gauges

Come and see us for all your welding accessory needs such as - Helmets, gloves ,jackets, mig tips and gauges.


  • stud/screw extractors
  • scrapers/scribers
  • universal split pin hookset
  • rivetting tools
  • pry bars
  • clamps
  • clip & moulding release tools
  • punches, chisels & stamps
  • cutters
  • measuring tools
  • nut splitters
  • re-threading/reaming/tap & dies
  • drill & tip cleaners
  • lockout security tool kits

  • dent pullers & removers
  • paintless/dent repair tool sets
  • panel beating clamps
  • panel beating dollies & spoons
  • panel beating hammers
  • panel beating tool sets
  • paint, sanding & body filling
  • door repair tools
  • windscreen service tools
  • mirrors, magnet & retrieving tools
  • spray painting accessories


  • universal joint snap ring pliers
  • parallel jaw gripping pliers
  • podney pliers
  • wedge based bulb pliers
  • offset flanging pliers
  • incandescent gripping pliers
  • offset wheel bearing greae pliers
  • grease & hub cap pliers
  • truck &axle stud cone pliers
  • cotton pin removal pliers
  • offset rivet clip removing pliers
  • safety wire twister pliers
  • soldering aid pliers
  • mig welding pliers
  • plugweld locking pliers
  • safety wire pliers
  • hand fender forming tool
  • wheel weight tool

HAMMERS (Various weights and Lengths)

  • Soft face
  • Dead Blow
  • Ball Pein
  • Plastic Head Gel Grip
  • Rubber/Plastic Head Gel Grip
  • Club
  • Sledge
  • Copper